Carpetright Tonbridge, Kent

The shop was an empty shell. Overall length of the contract was 4 weeks.

Rylance Construction managed to finish a day early, so that the shop was able to open its doors for the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The project works included:

  • New toilet block construction inc all plumbing and internal drainage
  • New warehouse including racking
  • All new walls
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Decoration
  • New flooring and installation of all new fixtures and fittings.

Photos 'before':

tonbridge1 before     tonbridge2 before

Photos 'after':

tonbridge1 after     tonbridge2 after

Project Carpetright Llanelli

Major refurbishment of the store; the project commenced on 13th March 2017 and was successfully completed on 6th April 2017.

The work included:

  • New stockroom wall
  • reconfiguration of warehouse
  • New staffroom
  • New premier sales area
  • New Laminate area
  • New Bed Area
  • New external signage
  • New Roll stock area
  • Complete re decoration internally
  • Uplift and lay new flooring throughout

The 'AFTER' photos:

new llanelli2     new llanelli1

new llanelli3     new llanelli4

The 'BEFORE' photos:

llanelli1    llanelli2

llanelli3    llanelli4

Rylance construction Ltd takes on the largest refurbishment of a Carpetright store to date - Cardiff Carpetright

Carpetright Cardiff project commenced on 28th February 2017 and was completred on 31st March 2017.

  • Complete re-decoration of road side elevations
  • Completed re surfacing of store carpark
  • New Premier sales area
  • New laminate area
  • New Bed area
  • New Roll stock area
  • Complete internal decoration

'AFTER' Photos:

cardiff new1    cardiff new2

cardiff new3    cardiff new4

'BEFORE' Photos:

cardiff1    cardiff2

cardiff3    cardiff4

Chippenham Carpetright Store - Project Completed

Chippenham Carpertright Store photos 'AFTER' the refurbishment:

new chippenham1    new chippenham2

new chippenham3    new chippenham4

Kings Lynn Carpetright Store Refurbishment

Kings Lynn Carpetright Store major refurbishment work has now been completed on time; please see the before and after photos below:

Photos 'AFTER' the refurbishment:

kingslynn new 4      kingslynn new 2

kingslynn new 1      kingslynn new 3

Photos 'BEFORE' the refurbishment:

kingslynn1      kingslynn2

kingslynn3      kingslynn4


Carpetright Tamworth

December 2018
Complete refurbishment of the store in four phases:- 1st Phase Take down existing warehouse wall and reconstruct new...

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