Carpet Right Wallasey

Project details:

  • Commence 4th July with a completion date on 15th July
  • Remove existing remnant rack
  • Installation of new bed department
  • Installation of new laminate area
  • Uplift and lay new flooring
  • Line out perimeter walls
  • Extend laminate fascia
  • Decoration

julerylance1    julerylance2

Carpet Right Norwich 1 Project Update

New laminate department and warehouse racking installation commenced on 20th June with the completion on 1st July.

norwich1     norwich2


Refurbishment of Carpetright Norwich 1

Project Specifications:

  • Warehouse re-configuration
  • Alterations to stockroom wall
  • Installation of additional storage racking
  • New Laminate department
  • Decoration
  • New remnant racks
  • refurbishment of toilets and staffroom

Watch this space for the update on this project soon!

Refurbishment of Carpetright Swindon, Wiltshire

Project Details:

Commenced 9th May 

Completed: 4th June

Scope of works:

  • Major refurbishment of store including as follows
  • New bed area complete with new ceiling, flooring, lighting and decoration
  • Extend the existing premier carpet sales area
  • New laminate department
  • Alterations to warehouse partitioning inc new doors
  • Complete overhaul of toilet block
  • Complete redecoration of external cladding and re spraying of all windows and doors
  • All new signage

Photos from BEFORE (the photos after the renovation coming soon...)

swindon1     swindon2

swindon3     swindon5

Major refurbishment of Carpetright St Albans

Scope of works:

  • Remove all fixtures & fittings
  • Strip out part of suspended ceiling
  • Installation of suspended ceiling to new bed area
  • Line out all perimeter walls tape, fill and decorate
  • Take out existing lighting and install new to all sales areas
  • Uplift all existing floor coverings
  • Lay new flooring throughout
  • Removal of existing aluminium glazed entrance lobby
  • Supply and install new entrance doors and 4No Windows
  • Respraying of existing high level curtain walling and entrance screen
  • Installation of new fixtures and fittings throughout
  • Refurbishment of existing toilets and welfare facilities

The project commenced on 22nd February 2016 and was completed on 22nd March 2016 with the store relaunched on 25th March 2016.

Photos Before:                                 Photos After:

Old Entrance                                      New Entrance

rylance existing entrance  rylance new entrance

Old Laminate Department                    New Laminate Department

rylance existing laminatearea  rylance new laminatearea

Old Premier Sales Area                         New Premier Sales Area

rylance existing premierarea  rylance new premierarea



Carpetright Tamworth

December 2018
Complete refurbishment of the store in four phases:- 1st Phase Take down existing warehouse wall and reconstruct new...

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